3 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Go Seeking Advice


We all have sought advice, especially in cases where we needed to make sometimes life altering decisions.  A high school graduate may want advice on what to study at University, a dissatisfied employee may seek counsel on whether to stay or go, and a starter entrepreneur might want some guidance on where to open up a business.

In most cases, we run to folks close to us regardless of whether they will give us good counsel or not.  But for the best way out of any “fork in the road”, here are 3 very important questions to ask yourself before you walk out seeking for counsel.


1.  Do you know what you really want?

Before you seek any advice about anything, examine yourself whether you know what you want or you are following mass opinion.  Without this understanding, you risk becoming vulnerable to mass opinion, bias and the like.



2.  Are you a good listener?

You need to do a lot more listening than talking when you seek advice from a workmate, councilor or a friend. Good listeners are likely to discern well, even in a multitude of words. So be ready to listen up, even when you disagree, a lot is communicated with our non-verbal language.


3.  Do you have the right people advising?

Depending on your dilemma, you always need to find appropriate people to talk to.  Those who most agree with us (close friends) may not be the best to seek advice from. They are most likely to consider something else first, before they help, for example, your friendship, what you actually want whether it’s right or wrong. Find knowledgeable and blunt people, able to tell you off and straighten no matter what.




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