5 People To Avoid On Your Way To Success


Like a plant, say a beautiful flower planted in a compound at home, at work or in the city needs to be regularly weeded, treated of pests, pruned and taken good care of, entrepreneurs too need to get rid of certain “weeds” in their pursuit of success.

You might not notice it, but the company of people we keep has an impact on how successful we become. In his article, Leo Widrich comprehensively explains how the people around you affect personal success.

In this article, I discuss categories of people you might have to give less time or eventually drop if you are to go over that high bar you set for yourself to achieve success, whether business-wise or in life, generally.




1.  Those who think everything you do is flawless

Entrepreneurs grapple with many ideas before finally settling for those they think will work. An idea that might work for one person might in another person’s perspective not be viable.

While in situations where we need to make decisions, consulting always begins with people that are close. But in so doing, some people we talk to just consent without question. If someone just consents with all your thinking,  your plans are either way above theirs or they just never pay attention to detail. You usually have little to learn from these.

It’s true we all naturally tend to be drawn to people who concur with us. But if you’re to achieve genuine success, you ought to be around people who think with you and constructively challenge you.


2.  Those who always have an explanation why something can’t be done

If only there was a way one would earn without doing anything, there would surely be no reason for me to be up before dawn every day.

Everything that’s worth having comes at a cost. If something good seems to be coming so easy, take a step back and try to understand the dynamics surrounding it – It might just not be as nice as it seems.

You have at one time or another come across a person you told about something you were cooking up and the picture they gave you was “It can’t be done!”

It’s true things always look impossible at first attempt, until you start, which means somebody will always doubt your attempt, yet you need to understand that there are always people who naturally fear doing something new because they are afraid of failure. They prefer to stick with what looks possible to them, yet what defines an entrepreneur is partly the ability to take risks and do things other people either consider not worthy or impossible.

Ever looked at a successful venture and went something like “Ooh, I thought about doing that sometime?” You probably didn’t go far with it because you listened to someone who told you it couldn’t be done.


 3.  The unreal

Being real in life, especially to your own self is key to achieving success – whether personal or business success.

Having people around you who will tell you something, not because it’s what you want to hear but because it is what it is makes you a better person in whatever you do. You might therefore have to consider, removing from your inner circle – not necessarily dropping folks who are unreal.




4.  Those who hear but never listen

People around us often have personal weaknesses but yet we understand mistakes are human. Whenever somebody falls below standard, it’s your responsibility as a friend to help them realize their mistake and also help them overcome it, possibly through talking.

Human resource managers for example always look out for qualities like time keeping, ability to learn fast and rarely look out for academic results when hiring. People who want to be successful should look out for similar qualities in their daily company.

Not all people who hear you talk actually listen. Unlike someone who just hears, somebody who listens keeps something even beyond the discussion long enough to reflect on it. Somebody that consumes time in comprehension will eventually hold you back, even if they are a close associate, business partner or friend.


5.  Liars

Friendships with liars rarely hold. In business, untruthful people on teams can make wrong assumptions, estimates or decisions which can have very devastating effects on you or your business.


There you go, if you are to step out in pursuit of success, indeed your company will matter. Enough explained!


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