5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

5 reasons your business needs a website

For many business owners, a website is something only the big can afford, those already raking millions not us, they say. Yet still, even those businesses with   websites just have them for the sake of it, well, at least for the sake of their business cards and letter heads and custom emails

A website in this day and age is a very powerful tool when it comes to building a business and shouldn’t be taken for granted by business owners.

In the early years of the internet, websites were expensive to build and maintain and this was mainly because only a handful of people had the skills. These days, you don’t have to be a geek to develop a website. There are a number of tools (like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) you can use to build yourself a neat, professional looking website that appeals to your clients and one you can easily manage.

There are also a number of website Development Companies that can develop you a professional website at a very affordable rate.

Irrespective of how you develop it, here are 5 reasons why you urgently need a website for your business.



1. Getting  your brand out  faster

Getting people to know about your new business and what it actually does has never been easy. It becomes even harder if you want this to happen in the shortest time but with a limited budget. This calls for the cheapest and most reliable methods of advertising – a good website being primary. A good website design plays a vital role in advertising a new business or product as it acts as the first point of interface between potential clients who probably haven’t met you physically, and your business. Unlike a physical address, a website can be accessed by several people in different geographical locations at the same time and through the power of social media can be shared and re-shared to reach  a bigger audience.

2. A website opens your business up to a wider clientele.

In the past, businesses only aimed at tapping into the market that surrounded them and this to a big extent determined where businesses were opened. That is not the case these days.

If I wanted to buy a birthday gift for a friend, the first thing I would most probably do would be to “Google it”! And which products will I see when I Google? Only products from stores that have websites will show up and will therefore stand the highest chance of having me buy from them.

Having a website automatically opens your business up to clients from all around the world.

Startups like Zidi have been able to make it big and sell to a global market not because they have products that nobody else has but simply because they have an online address – a website!


3. Makes you look legitimate

Without a website, your business will portray mediocrity in an aggressive field where each of your competitors has one.

A website will build a certain level of confidence in both your clients and potential clients, a reason key in attracting business.

The kind of legitimacy a website earns you can be seen in emails. As Business Development Manager of Safari256, if I received proposals from two companies, one with a custom email and another with an email client like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, it’s pretty much automatic that I would take the proposal from the custom email to be from a more genuine person or company and for that reason would be interested in following up with them. This would probably be the same many business owners. And it’s pretty self-explanatory: How will you be taken seriously as a company if running a website is not on your priority list?



4. Keeps your clients informed and improves customer care

Business owners that know the role a website can play in growing a business usually make the best use of their websites by regularly communicating promotional offers, changes in prices, new products, etc. A good platform to keep their clients informed.

Through a business website still, customers are able to find answers to certain questions (probably through the FAQs section) easily and don’t need to physically contact you to have them answered. But even if they needed to contact you, they simply do it directly through your website.


5. A good website can make you an extra buck

Every day, Internet marketers comb the World Wide Web looking for neatly designed websites with good traffic so they can buy space to advertise their businesses. You can sell advertising space on your website and make some money.

So with all the above, what are you waiting for to get started? Safari256 is set to get you started.


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