5 Strategies When Clients Don’t Seem To Show Up



Starting a business is easy but keeping it running is not. We often look at the capital required and assume that’s all that’s required to pull off a business – far from that! That kind of thinking has led to the rise of businesses that last a  couple of months and then go into oblivion.

Starting a business requires  you do thorough market research, have the capital and human resource and love what you’re venturing into and keeping a business running whilst making profits requires a lot more than just rolling out products.

Perhaps you might be wondering why you have been in business for some time but are still struggling. Below are 5 things you can do to win clients.


1.  Know who your clients are

Obvious? Maybe not, often times, businesses owners, either due to impatience or lack of focus tend to divert from their original plan and end up serving the wrong clientele. Many factors can cause customer needs to change and this requires entrepreneurs to adjust and realign with their market in order to remain relevant. Business owners therefore regularly need to take a step back to re-examine who their clients are and what they really want.



2.  Market with every opportunity

Never wait to market your products “officially”. Writing proposals and organizing boardroom meetings to explain your products and services to potential clients is good, but taking advantage of the informal meetings and conversations you have with people, especially those you deem potential clients to market your products is a plus.


3.  Follow up with prospective clients

Sometimes you have to do a lot (not too much) pushing to actually bring a client on board especially when you are not the only player in the market. As soon as somebody shows interest in your product/services whether by email, phone or by walking into your premises, keep in touch with them. Keep them posted about changes in prices, promotional offers, new products, etc. The reason some clients don’t come back, even after showing interest the first time is that they probably found somebody else that is offering them a better deal.



4.  Find out your competitor’s weakness and perfect it.

Studying your competition is key in achieving business success. It’s possible some of your competitor’s clients are just enduring their service simply because nobody is doing it different. It can be about time management, customer care, price, quality of product/service, etc.  Constant research about your competition will set a benchmark below which you know you must never fall if you are to match and eventually be ahead of your competition.


5.  Develop a neat website

Having a neat website won’t only give you credibility over your competitors; it will be a perfect way to showcase your products too. Nobody asks for brochures these days, rather your website will always be the quick go-to. With the website and a little follow up from your side, chances are higher that you will convert this client into a buyer. A website, especially with product prices included gives a potential client confidence and makes them bolstered. Of course adding a portfolio with some good clients would be icing on cake!


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