An Open Letter To Steve Jobs


Dear Steven Paul Jobs,

It’s been four years since you passed on. You were and are still an inspiration to me and many young people and it only felt right to take some time off my usually busy schedule to write this and bring you up to speed with the state of affairs lately.

A year after your demise, I went into full time employment but quit after a couple of years. Like you, I wanted to concentrate on building my own businesses and help people understand that anybody can start small and change the world, if only they work hard and stay focused on their goals.

So to achieve that, I started an online entrepreneurship magazine that has already been well received and Safari256 – a Website Development Company committed to developing websites, hosting and marketing startups online in East Africa and the world.

Being the tech freak I have always been, I very closely follow tech trends through news and journals with CNET, WIRED and TechCrunch being my favorite. I can assure you that although many things have changed since your departure, a lot too has remained constant – like Apple maintaining its high quality caliber.

Your successor Tim Cook has maintained Apple’s culture of launching products annually, iPhone 4, IPhone 5 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively have been some of those. Nevertheless, the iPhone 6 Plus released late last year is a master piece and I have no doubt you would indeed approve its finesse. Some of its special features include Optimal Image Stabilization which fixes images taken while user or target is in motion, Wi-Fi Calling, 60 fps crisp clear video recording and the ability of the state of the art handset to bend which to a very big extent has especially on social media forums upheld Apple’s legacy in delivering finesse.


Whatsapp is the other hot thing today. This messaging app has eased the way we share contacts, audio, video and text. If a stranger took your phone number today, their next question would be whether or not you are on Whatsapp, a $19B tech company recently acquired by Facebook in a move to dominate messaging on the phone and on the web.

Your childhood friend and competitor, Microsoft Founder Bill gates is still going strong and is now still leading as Forbes richest, for three consecutive years a slot I think he will continue holding especially after acquiring Nokia, once the biggest smartphone maker in the world, mid last year, and by the way, he recently stepped down as Chairman of Microsoft and assumed the position of Technology Advisor.

Away from Tech into entrepreneurship, I have watched many young people start businesses but very few brave the strong winds of competition and uncertainty. This is largely because most startup owners today read the “Entrepreneurship Alphabet” backwards: they start with the how much they want to earn, identify a product and develop it and then figure the product solution – rather than the reverse

Finances in my country Uganda are getting tricky with many pointing to the upcoming 2016 presidential elections, a view I strongly contest. The raging poverty and high levels of unemployment are caused by a slothfulness and lack of entrepreneurial zeal you and your contemporaries like Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates exemplified back in the day.

Like they say, surround yourself with those on the same mission as you, I have surrounded myself with a layer of young, visionary entrepreneurs and am lucky to have Eric Kinoti, Forbes Top 30 Most Promising Entrepreneurs among them. But even with these brilliant people in my circles, I still haven’t understood how you managed to work with your partner Steve Wozniak in building a multi-billion dollar excellence-driven industry. For many businesses today, it all starts out well but once the money starts coming through, partners become bitter enemies.

Even in your absence, we still feel your presence and continue being inspired through the awesome products from Apple and truth be stated, your name is a constant feature in many of today’s entrepreneurship related conferences.


As I sign-out, I just want to let you know that in your memory I have a neatly framed portrait of you hanging on my wall.

Your Greatest Admirer, Gerard Mugema.


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