How To Make Money To Supplement Your Income


You have probably looked around for something you can do to boost your main income. Chances are that every business you thought about needed quite a lot in terms of capital, human resource or time to get it to work and therefore you couldn’t start with your limited resources. In this article, I bring you good news! There are a number of ways you can earn by just simply positioning yourself well and using the right language to talk to potential clients and very little or no capital at all. Below are five ways you can make an extra buck for yourself.

1.  Selling on Facebook

The fact that you are reading this article means you probably have a Facebook account. And that means your friends too are on Facebook. But have you thought of seriously using Facebook to sell products? The beauty with selling online is clients don’t really care about where your store is located or where you get your products from. All that matters is do you do what you say you do? Are the products of the quality as you claim? Once you have that answered, and you have a source of products to sell, then you are a millionaire in the making! The best way to do this would be to join some of the many groups and pages that are in line with the kind of products you have. For example for property, Find, Buy and Sell for general merchandise, Car Sales for cars. Name it.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission based way of marketing where you are given a percentage off every sale you make. Companies like eBay, Amazon have robust affiliate marketing programs that will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars every month if you can get clients to buy products. These companies/stores have a wide range of products and what happens when you signup with them is you are required to have a website or blog where you have links to these products. Every time someone buys through your site, you a given a commission. All that you’re required to do is to market your own website so you have a good number of visitors and this will translate into more purchases through your website/blog.



3.  Freelancing

Freelancing involves selling out your skill to somebody who needs it for a particular period of time. The beauty with freelancing is you don’t have to be fully committed to an employer. You only go for a project, do it and then jump out and wait for another project you can do and have time for. You probably have a skill in website development, graphics design, etc.  You can sell that to businesses online. Take time and comb the internet for freelance jobs that fall in your skill set. Odesk and elance are other great places to drop by.

4.  Blogging

A blog is like a website, but a kind of website that is specific to a niche. Blogging involves writing about a specific topic. It can be about cars, basketball, movies, etc. Unlike news websites, blogging gets your blog a readership that is equally interested in the niche. Good bloggers usually take advantage of this to sell products in that niche to their blog visitors.



5.  YouTube Videos

YouTube has a program where you can monetize videos you upload and get paid per view. There are a lot of YouTube millionaires and you can be one too. All you need is a video camera and a niche idea to talk about – simple!

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As you consider venturing into any of the above, remember to treat it as a side business. Don’t abandon your current job to pursue this. Keep on your current job as you grow your clientele. Don’t consider quitting until you are making enough money on the other end.  

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