Love What You Do: Constructor Advises Potential Enterpreneurs

Love What You Do, Constructor Advises Potential Enterpreneurs.When you meet Joseph Byamukama, the 28 year old’s demeanor will rarely tell you anything about his rising business initiative.

“Adar limited” is a design and building company he founded in 2012, after he was motivated by a desire to find practical solutions to the unemployment problem among the youth. “There was a lot of talk around job creators yet few were putting it in action” he quips. He needed to finally endure what he refers to as the “entrepreneurship storm.”

Joseph says his other motivation to self-employment was the potential freedom to use his time,” I never wanted a boss to determine the freedom I needed; I needed to be a person who would be there for his family.” Joseph continues to point out a common pitfall among those formally employed. “It’s easy to fall into a rat race and fail to offer your family necessary attention , I realized if I had to be successful, I would have to start out early. ”

As a single man without a family, Joseph says he had to make sacrifices before a family came, because that would mean small profits and costs wouldn’t weigh on him.

When he began his company in 2012, he had no capital but only needed to raise registration fees of UGX500,000 which were contributed by his partner, “All I had was a dream of what I wanted, and I used client money to produce work.” He affirmed.

Prior to starting his business, Joseph had pursued formal employment working with Ebenezer engineering services, a company  he says provided the basic technical know –how, in the his construction work.

Asked to share his counsel to those in formal employment, contemplating self-employment, the outspoken graduate summed it up quite richly

“Understand what you need to do, know the cost and be willing to take it even without earning, Patience is cultivated by love, Maximize the relationships you have, Maintain good relationship with workers; pay them before you pay yourself.

And the last one caught our eye,” love what you do. ”

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