Gerard Mugema, BizzSpire - Founder and CEO.

Gerard Mugema, BizzSpire – Founder and CEO.

When I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, one of the things I wish I had is a single channel, whether on tv, radio, the Internet or even  in print that is dedicated to personal development, Inspiration and entrepreneurship. I didn’t mount a deliberate search to find the channel, but all I remember is I never came across one. All the ideas , tips and inspiration I got where from people I admired plus a few materials I landed on when I wasn’t even deliberately searching for them.

Now that I’m a few inches deep inside Entrepreneurship, I decided to create BizzSpire to be a one stop source for Inspiration and Motivation, Business Tips and Entrepreneurship Advice to upcoming entrepreneurs with an aim of helping them get to understand concepts that took some of us years and cost us fortunes(In losses) to understand.

For example, the notion that nobody can become wealthy (not just rich) by earning and living off a salary took a lot of time to sink deep inside me but I finally got it. Someone else out there that might be aiming at getting done with school and getting a good white collar job might land on an article at BizzSpire talking about “ For one to be wealthy, they’ve got to have multiple sources of income, which means business and therefore entrepreneurship” gets to think about it early enough and therefore better positions themselves for the world after school.

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People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar.

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Gerard Mugema, Founder and CEO.