Profitable Businesses You Can Begin With Little Or No Capital


When it comes to starting a business, many look at already established, successful businesses, do a rough estimate of their worth and think they need  to start something similar – at that level, far from that!

Most successful business owners had very humble beginnings with their businesses – humble in the sense that they started with meager or no financial investment at all. You are probably wondering, “How on earth can I start a business with no cash?”

Apple, one of the world’s most successful companies today started with almost no money but space, just space (a garage in Cupertino, California), a marketing genius (Steve Jobs) and an electronics guru (Steve Wozniak).

Below are ideas of businesses you too can start, with barely minimal or no cash at all.


1.  Sell a service

Certain services in this day and age never run out of market. Think of website development, graphics design, Printing, Audit/Tax related services. Interestingly, you don’t have to be skilled in a field to sell a service there but of course it would be a plus if you did. But if you aren’t skilled, you could find someone with the skill, negotiate a commission and then help them market their services. This way, you earn a percentage off every client you take.

 2.  Make something

Be industrious. Make use of freely available resources like shells, clay, stones to come up with items like necklaces, bracelets, bags, etc.  These you can always merchandise at a profit, gradually.

Ruth and Elliot Handler, founders of Mattel, got into the toy business in 1945 by using wooden scraps from to build dollhouses. Today, Mattel is the world’s largest toy company.

Starting a business like this requires that you are creative, with a possibly creative teammate(s) too.

 3.  Affiliate marketing

Take advantage of affiliate programs by successful companies to make money. How this works is, you get paid a commission off every sale you bring the company. Successful companies like Amazon, EBay and Hostgator have very profitable partner programs that are worth giving a try.


 4.  Real Estate

You don’t need to have properties to make money from real estate. A number of property brokers today are living their dream helping people sell or find housing.  Most property owners/real estate agencies give commission of about 10% off every client you take them. Why not explore?

 5.  Farming

Agriculture is the backbone of many economies especially in the developing world. And without it, even the very developed economies would feel the pinch. But despite this, it’s looked down upon especially by young people who only look at “Office” jobs as “noble”.

Seeds of less than a dollar for example may earn you over $10,000 in two years. Livestock can also be profitable and just a pair of poultry can in a short time multiply to give you a fully-fledged farm.

So as you mobilize resources to start that dream venture, remember there are countless money making opportunities out there that won’t require you a penny to start. Good luck. Good luck!


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