Sandra Akello, A Ugandan Lady Entrepreneur Stepping Out Boldly

Sandra Akello, A Lady Entrepreneur Stepping Out Boldly.

Her bubbly self fits her passion; Sandra Akello is a 25 year old with a heart that inspires, you just have to listen to her speak.

Having had her own stint working for several media houses including Wizarts media , Rock point and TVWA , Sandra stepped out  one day to start her events and teambuilding company called “Sello expressions.”

As a young person, she often took opportunities which provided her experience even without fitting qualifications back then, yet the graduate of Mass Communication from Makerere University got distressed by the work culture that saw upcoming young people as threats, rather than workmates, so she decided to step out independently.

In her own words she realized she was “stepping on people’s toes” in the workplace. It was her boss’s remark one day that propelled her to advance “he told me, if you don’t leave this place, you won’t grow.” she remembers, motivated , she thought it was high time she had a business of her own , “something I would do effortlessly” she stressed.

Sandra also notes being the first born in her family as being as inspiration for setting up this company. “I wanted my siblings to look up to me.” After saving money, she was able to put aside 250,000 and register her company “Sello expressions”. She later saved a lot more to print business cards and a company profile.


Her advice to those stepping out in self-employment is profound “Know what you want and what you are good at, this all tallies with your qualifications, don’t introduce a partner before your business has kicked off , put down ideas so that partnerships can precede. ”

In five years, Sandra visualizes her company, located in Kampala at Emerald hotel office suite, Bombo road dominating language services and office team building activities.

She ends our conversation with a call to young entrepreneurs to trust God, pray hard and believe in themselves. The very traits that seem to be propelling her to the top, for now.


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