Why It Is (Still) Easier To Become A Millionaire Today

I have heard arguments from both young and old concerning whether it is easier to become richer today than a century ago. Proponents of this idea use a few facts that barely hold water.

Here is my counter-argument in favor of becoming a millionaire faster and easier today, than ever before.

1.  Internet and Social Media have accelerated marketing

Internet has literally soared human communication, gone are the days of conducting business by physical address, gone is the postal address and trans-Atlantic travels. An Adidas purchase from US, a car purchase from Japan and a perfume buy from Paris are all a click away today.

With internet, people information and demographics, their tastes and preferences are all a website away; the opportunity to propel your business has never been this ripe!

Social media alone, which was developed off the internet, has accelerated product reach among masses than ever before.

 2.  Consumer masses are growing

With a global increase in population, product markets are no cause to worry, you can embark on something 1000 other people are doing in your field and still have a special market. More service providers are needed to satisfy the needs of the ever growing population, be it entertainment, education, health services, etc.



 3.  Transportation has improved

It’s much cheaper and faster getting goods from one part of the world to another today. Fresh fruits from Uganda take just a couple of hours to get to European Markets. But even for non-perishable goods, sending and receiving has been made easier. Unlike in the past, container shipping space for example can be purchased per square feet so to every importer and exporter’s affordability.

 4.  The wealthy are spending

Wealthy lives rarely get money to keep it. Consuming rich people are spending more and more on leisure and products, even middle class is rising up in expenditure. Strategically positioning yourself to tap into this market can make you a millionaire real soon!


 Those are my arguments; tell me how anybody in the past century had an advantage over you today?

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